How one can Zoom in and Zoom out in OneNote on Home windows 11/10

  • on December 10, 2022

The Zoom function in Microsoft Workplace permits customers to raised view their work by zooming out and in; the consumer can enter an quantity in proportion to Zoom out and in. In OneNote, there are options within the Zoom group that help with zoomings, comparable to Zoom in, Zoom Out, Zoom, 100%, and Web page Width.

How one can use the Zoom function in OneNote

Zoom in, permits the consumer to view their work bigger; Zoom Out, permits the consumer to see their work smaller; Zoom, specifies the zoom degree of the publication; 100%, zoom the doc to 100%, and Web page Width, zooms the doc in order that the doc’s width matches the width of the window.

How one can Zoom in and Zoom Out in OneNote

  1. Open OneNote.
  2. On the View tab within the Zoom group
  3. Click on the Zoom In Button to make the view bigger
  4. Click on Zoom Out to make the view smaller.

That’s it.

How one can use Zoom and 100% function in OneNote

On the View tab within the Zoom group.

Click on contained in the Zoom field and enter a quantity. On this tutorial, we enter 200% contained in the Zoom field.

To return the web page to regular, click on the 100% button.

How one can use the Web page Width function in OneNote

The Web page Width’s goal is to ensure that the doc width matches the window’s width.

On this tutorial, we now have 200% within the Zoom field, however we wish the information on the web page to match the window.

To do that, click on the Web page Width button within the Zoom group to do that motion.

The web page Zoom will slender to 135%.

We hope this tutorial helps you perceive the way to use the Zoom options in OneNote.

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